Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kim's wedding

It was so fun to be home so I could be around to see my best friend from high school get married.  Kim and Kyle were married on the 5th, it was a fun day.  She is so happy and it makes me so happy to see her happy!  Congrats Kim and Kyle!


Hallie got a little shiner, I love the picture below of her making sure grandma could  see it in the camera.  

Jack and grammie out collecting sticks for the christmas tree.  Grandma put gum drops on the ends of them.  The kids have done good staying out of them but Scott has had a hard time.  


 We went to G&G Thornton's for thanksgiving dinner.  Ericka and Ben were there also with Braxton.  He is so cute, so so chubby! I cant get over how big he is, he's such a doll!
Grandma Mona and Braxton.  
Grandma T and Braxton.  
What cute kids!! I think Braxton is bigger than Ky!!