Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Nursery Teachers

Me: Jack you'll get new nursery teachers next week. The Lindsey's wont be in your nursery anymore, sad huh.

Jack: Yeah.

Me: Who do you want to be your new nursery teachers?

Jack: Um, Jesus.

Me: Oh he'd be a good one huh!

Jack: Yeah, I want Jesus in nursery with me!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Cant believe its been four years already!! Pete I love being married to you, you are the best husband and father to us!! I hope to have many, many more anniversary's with you! =) Thanks for being so great and putting up with me and a little boy who acts just like me, we really do love you even when we don't show it all the time. You are the BEST, I love you!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We have a new member in the family...

...Baby Lucy! While we stayed at the Schullers for our windows to get done Jack found Lucy's doll and named her Lucy. He lugged it around all week. We were going to feed the ducks by the lake. He's pretty studly in his glasses, hat, pajamas and baby in hand!
On the way home from the Indians game. Pete told him he had to leave her in the car because we didn't have a ticket for her. Nice headband Jack. I think Pete worries sometimes about Jack, and I just reassure him that Jack is two and doesn't know much of a difference between girl things and boy things. I just laugh because I think its pretty funny, well and cute.
Swinging with baby Lucy.

He even had to have her in his crib every night, I never got a picture of that but here he is taking naps with her.
On the way to the Indians game.

After all was said and done Jack put the baby down to play football with dad. See nothing to worry about Pete! Since we've been home we only heard of baby Lucy once, and assured Jack that she was home probably sleeping, he agreed. Silly boy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting new windows

We applied for a lead safe program through the city and they put all new windows in and we only had to pay ten percent! We had to pretty much pack up and move out for a week. Thank goodness for friend that were leaving and offered us to stay in their house! Thanks Travis and Sarah! We weren't even allowed in our house and could get fined $1000 for going in, but we took some pictures before and after. You probably cant tell big difference but we sure can, new windows sure are awesome!

The one to the right didn't open, but now (below) they do, so nice!

So nice to have new window, even Jack is excited about them. Another cool thing is I can clean them from the inside, they open and then tilt in so I never have to go outside to clean the outside of my windows, YEAH!!

Rocks or Sticks?

Jack and I are riding home from the store...

Me: "Jack grandma says Kyden really likes rocks, and I told grandma it must be a boy thing because you love rocks too!"

Jack: "I like sticks too"

Me: "I bet Kyden likes sticks too. Do you like rocks or sticks better?"

After a few seconds to think about it...

Jack: " I like sticks, yeah big one sticks!" (with a wide opened holy cow mouth)

So I guess when they play together Kyden can have his rocks and Jack can have his sticks.

Another Indians Game

There was another half price student night last Thursday, so we decided to go. It was so much fun, we were on the bleachers out in left field. I cant decide if it was better to be way up in stands with no one around or in the bleachers where Jack can't run around because of the people. Anyway it was fun, and we sat by a lot of nice people. They were all ready and willing to give him whatever he wanted, like cookies, fries and even beer (we had to say a big NO to that one!) Here are some of the fun pictures we took while there, oh and they played the Twins, and kicked there butts! Go Indians!
This would be the cookie he got, from he nice lady below.
Saying thanks and giving hi fives.
The fries and beer people sitting behind us. It was funny because Jack just helped himself, Pete and I didn't realize until after he was eating them that he had grabbed them :0
Happy about fries.
The people to the right of us let Jackson use their binoculars.
We had been to the beach the week earlier and I was peeling, so this is Jack taking the peeling off, it keep him entertained for a few minutes.
We had so much fun and really enjoy going so sorry if you get lots of pictures of Indians games. Anyone visiting come and lets go to the ball game!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Faters Day to the Fantastic Fathers in my life!!

Okay so I'm not so great with words like Pete is, but I'll try to tell you dad how special you are to me! I've been so blessed with such a wonderful dad! I love spending time with you and love that you always loved spending time with me. You would always invite me to go with you anywhere you went and I always felt like you really wanted me to be there with you. I love that you always wanted to take us kids out for ice cream or where ever but I was always excited to because you would treat us to something good! I guess I get my sweet tooth from you!! :) Dad you are so amazing the way you love your grandchildren, and I know how much they love you! You are so patient with them and they love you. Thanks dad for all you do for us and all the help you've been to Pete and I since we've been married, we owe you big and someday we'll try to repay you! I love you so much and hope you have a great fathers day!! love you Britt

Happy fathers day to Pete! You are such an amazing father and husband! I've been so blessed to have you in my life! I love that Jackson loves to be with you and always wants you when he wakes up in the morning! Thanks for loving us and being amazing. I know you learned well from your dad and I think he is pretty awesome too! Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful fathers in my life! I love you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Dad, My Hero!

Happy Father's Day Dad. I just wanted to share a brief memory (my favorite) of my dad. Anybody who knows my dad knows that he loves wrestling. He was a three time state champ in high school and ranked number 2 in the nation behind Dave Schultz who went on to win an Olympic Gold Medal. So to say the least my dad was (and still is) pretty darn amazing. My dad had all of us boys wrestling at a young age, I was only 4 when I started, and it became one of the highlights of my life. When I was in the eighth grade my dad bought tickets to watch the Olympic trials in Spokane, Washington and of course I wanted to go with him badly and so my dad and me, just the two of us, went and watched the Olympic trials together. It was a two day one night event. I remember my dad pointing out all of the good wrestlers so I could go ask them for their autograph. In fact on the first day of the tournament we sat just a couple of rows back from Tom Brands (won an Olympic gold medal that year) which was pretty cool. During the finals I remember a wrestler we were cheering for (Kendal Cross) won, his opponent threw a fit and the arena went dead silent. Out of no where my dad yells "Way to go Kendal!" and the whole arena erupted. It was awesome. And we have it on film, so if there are any doubters. Anyways, I had a great time with my dad that day. I really appreciated the one on one time we had. It helped me know that my dad loved me; he was always willing to go out of his way for us kids and especially my mom. I think one of the greatest reasons I had such a great childhood is because I always knew that my parents loved each other. Nothing has changed. Dad you are still my hero, I appreciate the way you love mom, the way you love us boys, and the way you love the Lord. Happy Father's Day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun things happening

So this week we are getting our window's replaced and have to be out of our home for them to do it. We applied for a Lead safe program through our city and get to get new windows, only paying ten percent (Yeah!!) They are also painting our porch and lattace work, putting new coiling on the windows and doing a cleaning that has to be inspected.
I'm not able to put pictures on the blog because I'm not using my own computer but when we get back into our house I'll put a bunch on.
I decided I'd take the time to write a few things about Jack since I dont have the pictures.

Jack has been saying "one minute" to Pete and I for everything. For example I'll say "Jack its time for dinner" and he says pointing his finger at me "mom I need one minute -k-". I think he picked this up because I have been trying to give him choices like wether to pick up his toys now or in five minutes, and for some reason he always wants one minute.

Jack hasn't caught onto the whole "why" word yet but instead of saying "what is that" to things he asks Pete or I " you know what that is" to everthing. He asks it to stuff he knows just to test us and see if we know what it is he asking about. I usually say " yeah I know what it is, do you?" He'll then tell me, or say no and I'll tell him. Anyway he's always asking us that about everything he see's.

We love him so much and have so much fun with him! He is growing and always coming up with funny things that make us laugh. He does have naughty times but mostly he's very happy and likes to have fun doing things with Pete and I and our friends out here!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Batman Jammies

Jack and I went to get him some more summer pj's and he found these batman ones and just had to have them. My brother craig who Jack (Jackson Craig) is named after used to come running into the room and say, "na na na na na na batman" when it would come on the t.v. So we taught Jack to say it. He doesn't do the na na part very long, but he was loving being on camera, he also had the hiccups. We think he's pretty funny!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Everything's Growing

I'm trying to keep the progress of all my growing plants for the family to see, so sorry if this is boring for anyone, because it is so exciting to me to have planted them and to see them grow!The flowers are all starting to bloom and look so nice, the best part is that they will bloom even more throughout the summer and look even better than they do now!!
The tomatoes are growing, and peppers, kale and spinach and even the carrots. YEAH!
Kale and Spinach
The peas are getting huge. The peppermint, cilantro, parsley and Sage are also getting really big. Mom what do I do, should I cut them down and start drying (the peppermint and sage?) We are trying to use the cilantro and parsley, I love that it keeps coming back even after I use some!
Even the pumpkins and squash are coming up! Hopefully we'll have a pumpkin or two for Halloween!
Carrots sprouting.

Under construction

Pete noticed that the bottom of my herb box was falling down, so we had to get it up on the bricks so he could put boards going the other way to keep it from all falling out. Thanks goodness it worked! Well we hoped it worked anyway.

Things are growing, these were actually taken a few weeks ago so the ones above are of how everything is growing now.