Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Dominican Republic

These pictures ended up at the first, so Pete's trip is next. A last few pictures of my mom and the boys before we took her to the airport :( Miss ya mom! Come back soon... I'm thinking mothers day and if you want to bring Lisa and Indiya thats great too :)!!! Don't I have the cutest boys ever!! I'm one lucky mommy!

Okay so I'm going to let Pete take it from here, you're gonna wish you could have been in the
D. R. after you see these pictures!
These couple of pics are at Punta Cana a resort town on the east side of the island. This is our last morning there so I thought I'd better get up for the sun rise. pretty amazing!

Our resort was right on this beach. It was really rice. There was plenty of space to relax on the beach, play some volleyball, or shop at one of the little souvenir shops right on the beach. The resort was all inclusive so I took advantage of all the virgin strawberry daiquiris and pina colladas (?) that my body could handle.
Another view of the beautiful beach.
This was the path from the front office to the villa we stayed at.
This is the inner court of the villa. There were 12 villas I believe.
This is an LDS church we worked at for the 4th and 5th days. The church was really beautiful. We actually worked in the chapel which was also the cultural hall. The members were very organized, which made things run much smoother than at the schools we worked at. They wrote down the name, telephone number, and address of all the people who came so they could go and visit with them and share the gospel. They used this as a missionary opportunity. They had church videos playing in the relief society room where everyone was waiting.
This is future missionary. I can't recall his name. We were able to help fill out part of his mission papers by completing his dental work. I did about 14 filling on him. It was pretty cool.
This lady had a broken down tooth that we "built up". She was really happy. And thanks to JC and Haylee for the light.
These are some Dominican children at school. We worked at the school. They all wanted us to take their picture and they immediately wanted to see what the picture looked like.
This was the view from our hotel in Santo Domingo.
This is pretty typical of the housing where we worked in the city.
Below is a group of us on day one. From left to right: Dan Yates, me, Spencer B., Clayton Carpenter (front), Ryan Jones, and Courtney Johnson.