Monday, January 10, 2011

Janie True

So I've been horrible at blogging, hoping that I'll be better now that I need to get some cute pictures up for all to see! So our sweet Janie True was born on the 6th at 4:43 pm. Everything went really really well and quite fast which was a real blessing for me! My mom got here on the 4th and I was hoping that Janie would have already come but she didn't. So Wednesday we headed out shopping to see if we could get me started. I had quite a few contractions but they started that evening around 7 at every 10 minutes apart. Then keep up and at 3am I got up to use the bathroom and they got stronger but stayed 10 minutes apart. At 7am when I got up they started coming about 5 minutes apart. YAY!! Oh and my was doing some really good labor zones on me which were KILLING me but really helped keep things going. We had a meeting with a realtor about selling our house so I stopped timing my contractions but they were still coming strong and within 5 to 10 minutes apart.
I took Pete to school after that and had a really really strong contraction and figured I probably shouldn't be driving. I got a phone call from the doctors office telling me I needed to come in that day or tomorrow and thought I had an apt that day at 11 anyway. So things were mixed up and I told them I was having contraction every 5 minutes so they said to head to the hospital. I asked them if I could just go in and get checked at the doctors office because my plan was just to labor at home as much as possible because going to the hospital make it hard to do what I want as they hook me up and all that jazz. So the nurse said yes... although she wasn't happy with me, but oh well. Slowly I got stuff going, found someone to watch Max and got Jack ready for school so we could drop him off after getting checked. So at about 11:30 I was checked and the doctor said I was a good 4 or 5 dilated and wanted me to get to the hospital. I still didn't want to go so we came home and my mom did another real good labor zone and rubbed down with some oils to get me going faster. The contractions were getting harder and we headed down to the hospital. We got there at about 1:30. Of course they strap me down and hook me up and the contractions get more uncomfortable as I'm sitting instead of walking. They checked me and said I was a 6 and an hour later the doctor came in and said I was a seven. Finally I got off the bed and on a ball, which was nice.
At 4:15 my water broke and then the contractions got really really bad. I figured I was going into transition because they were killing me and I was wanting to be done. I went to the bathroom and they called the doctor in, he checked me and said I was at an 8... WHATEVER, I was done and knew it! So in my mind I said nope I 'm done and I want to push and then I in a matter of seconds I had to push. The doctor probably didn't even get down the hall before they called him back in and said I was pushing. He checked me and said yep she's at a ten and ready. I couldn't move from being on my side and he didn't fix the bed he just said I could push when I needed. So that's what I did and she was born at 4:43. WOW did it feel so good to have her out! I'm so thankful it went so fast and was awesome to have Pete and my mom there. It was funny because Pete had a meeting at 5 and my mom said earlier that I would have her and all would be cleaned up by 5... which was pretty much true. I'm so thankful at how it all worked out and actually so glad my mom was here even though I had wanted Janie to come a lot earlier. She weighted 6 lbs 2 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.
We are all LOVING her. Max walks passed her says " hi baby!" Its so cute and Jack just loves her! We are hoping to do a cute photo shoot tomorrow so I will post those soon! Bring on the bows!!