Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Parade

Jack was excited that Pete took him before the parade started and he was able to take some fun pictures. They went to stand by the cars and the driver jumped out to let Jack in. He thought it was pretty cool, although he was a little scared.
We actually got some pictures of him on the fire truck but they didn't turn out.
Not really sure what these guys were but nice that they let him take a picture together.
This is the Indians mascot.
At first Jack thought it was too loud when the bands played but after I started clapping he joined in.

Picking up candy.
Showing off his candy, we were able to get him to give a bunch of the candy away to this little boy. Once he started he just kept going back to give him more, yeah! None of us needed it and Jack wasn't getting much. So the little bit that we got Pete and I ate while Jack was sleeping. I'm glad Jack hasn't mentioned it again because it's all gone!

It was so nice that after his nap we set up his pool and let him swim. The water as really cold though so he didn't stay in very long. He thought he needed his chair in the pool too. We cant wait for it to get really nice and play in it all summer because Jack loved it, and of course I love to be outside in the sun, well as much sun as Cleveland gets :)!!

Feeling Better

Pete is feeling much better and getting around really well! Which also means I've been puttin him to work! This is where they cut him, but they look like they are healing really good! Below is Jack wanting shoulder rides. Pete can still manage to take him for a pretty wild ride!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chagrin Falls, Turtle Park, and baby Jack's birthday party

Today we went to Chagrin Falls. It's a cute little town (could be out of a magazine, it's so cute) that was having a memorial day fair, not sure if that's the right word. Anyway they had rides for Jack which he LOVED, food and fun. We wanted to get out of the house and thought it would be fun to check it out. Jack enjoyed four rides, then we ate lunch and got ice cream before heading home. It was so fun to do something fun together as a family, we really need to find more things to do out here, because I know there's a lot we just need to find them! I think this was his favorite, he loves motorcycles! He must be a Mecham!
Once again trying to give a thumbs up.
He loved the mary go round, especially that the horse went up and down.
We never got any pictures of the falls because you have to walk down a lot of stairs to get down by the water falls and we weren't really feeling up to it, Pete and his knee anyway. So we'll take some when we visit again. Jack did love to feed the ducks and good news, we have a lake by our house that he can go feed the ducks. I guess we'll be doing that more often.

Enjoying his small ice cream cone, hope he doesn't get an ear infection from it :)

This is Turtle Park. Its a small park located on a busy street, but Jack seems to really like this one, I would prefer others but he always asks for turtle park.

Maybe he likes all the other toys he can play with, kind of gross but we wash up good afterwards. There is also a small playground that is perfect for his size!
The reason it is called turtle park, the giant turtle. JC we thought you might like these pictures of the turtle!
Baby Jack turns one! We went to his birthday party tonight, he is such a sweet boy, lets hope he stays that way. Check out Stacey's blog for more pictures of the party. This was the best picture we could get with all the kids and there were only four of them.
Finn was sweet kissing on Jack! While Jackson just enjoyed the balloons and toys!

My plants are growing!

So while my mother-in-law was here she also helped me plant a few other things (from left to right) a tomato plant, red and yellow peppers, another tomato plant, kale, spinach, and carrots. I think it was just yesterday that I noticed the kale and spinach are growing! Yeah!!
Here they are, can you see them sprouting up? If not look below, I took a close up!

Monday, May 19, 2008

One up on Stacey and Justin!!

This is a picture of Pete and his good friend Kristi Yamaguchi flying out of Fresno California. They still keep in touch, in fact she called us the other night wondering if we wanted some extra tickets to Dancing with the Stars Finale, but because of the surgery we had to say we couldn't. To bad huh! Anyway we are so proud of her and happy that she WILL win tomorrow. Sorry Stacey and Justin that your cousins aren't still in, I guess we one up'd ya! :) lol!! love you guys

We've been SPOILED!!!

Pete's mom Sharol came and helped me out while Pete was down from his surgery. It has been so fun to have her and such a blessing! We are so spoiled just to have her here, but here are a few more highlights of having her with us!Jackson got a new bike for outside, and loves it!
He cant pedal yet (he's a little small for his age :)) So most of the time he was helping grandma push it.
She showed Jack and I how plant lots of things
veggies, herbs and flowers. Now lets just hope we can keep them alive and growing!
Here they are planting pumpkins and cucumbers.
These are for you Lisa, make sure you take your camera out when you start planting your garden and show us the bugs and worms Hallie and Kyden find!
Jack was loving all the worms we were finding and wanted us to keep digging and find more! I was totally grossed out, but if I want him to kill spiders and bugs for me I figure I need to let him play with them so he's not afraid of them like myself.
This is by my front door, so pretty huh! I love gerber daisys!
My beautiful flower bed! Thanks again mom! We love them!!
This is the garden box well now the herb box. We planted peas on the ends and then yummy herbs in the middle. I have basil, cilantro, roman cammomile, parsley, thyme, lemon balm, sage, and peppermint. Cool huh!

Making wishes at the wishing well :)
This is the door at the Kirtland Temple.
Jack was pretty naughty in the temple so he and I came out and enjoyed the sun and flowers while grandma took the tour.

Silly little guy!

Grandma we had so much fun with you and wish you were still here! Thank you for all you did for us and the fun time we were able to spend together!! Come back soon!! We love you!!

Happy Mothers day to me!

I know I'm a week and some behind but I wanted to show what I got for mothers day! Thursday morning (8th) I got to sleep in while Pete and Jack made me waffles. Pete knowing he wouldn't be able to on Sunday decidedto make them for me a few days early. Jack's got my apron on helping.
These are of Pete making my garden box, so exciting!! Pete and his mom also got me a spa package that I cant wait to use! Yeah!!

Helping Daddy recover! (part 2)

Here's a few pictures of Jack trying to help dad recover. Jack wanted to be by dads side all the time. We had to bribe him to get down so Pete could get some sleep, although a lot of the time Pete fell asleep while Jack was watching a movie (cars, the incredibles, or finding nemo)
Jack's still not getting the whole thumbs up thing, but he's trying!
Trying to be of some help, by helping dad up the stairs.

Jack feeling a little hurt, decided to put the ice pack on and get the machine working his knee up and down too!
Sorry I guess I have a lot of these kinds of pictures.

Sneaking a drink while dad's not there.
When Pete was feeling a little better, Jack was wanting to take rides on the crutches.
Once again helping dad up the stairs.
Notice the brace on Jacksons leg? His knee was hurting too!
Finding different ways to use dad's machine, please don't break it we dont have the money to fix it!!