Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm back with way to much to blog about!!

Okay I'm back and will hopefully be better about updating. Things have been crazy around here. Fun mostly but crazy too! Just in case everyone hasn't heard the news or seen me gaining weight (those who live here) I am pregnant. I just haven't felt like blogging and am still dreading this one because I have so much to catch up on! So sorry if its boring or lacking details but I'm going to get through this last month as quickly as I can! On the 29th of July Rob and Scott came out to visit. It was so much fun, however very exhausting!! We went to an Indians game, Washington D.C., Cedar Point, the church sites, the beach and toured downtown a little. They were here for a week. We loved having them here and miss them a ton!! Jack will still ask where's Rob and Scott? So even with all the teasing Jack got I guess he really enjoyed their company as much as Pete and I did!! After they left less than a week later Pete's brother Luke and Camille came out for almost a week. Check Camille's blog because she's updated. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish our summer with Luke and Camille and other stuff we've done. Oh and Pete started his second year of school on August 4th :( I guess its about time we got ourselves back into a schedule right?! Okay here goes. Jack loved Cedar point!! He takes after both of us in loving amusement parks! He didn't complain once, being awake from eight in the morning until about eleven at night when the rides finally closed and he zonked!!
I went on a few rides which made me sick, I just couldn't resist, so before we left while the big boys went for one more ride Hollie was so nice to take Jack on a few more rides. Thanks Hollie!

Stacey and baby Jack came to but left in the late afternoon. We have such great friends out here!!
Us sporting our Redskins hats Rob had just bought us, hoping to turn us into fans. Thanks for the hats Rob we love them.
These next few with the Jacks enjoying their rides. It was a blast for them, well for my Jack for sure.

They were so cute riding the rides together.

Pete and Adam on a ride that gets to 120mph in 4 seconds then shoots straight up and then straight down. I got it on video but turned the camera sideways forgetting that I can't edit that so it didn't really turn out, but a way fun ride. I was wanting to go so bad, but probably wouldn't have been a good idea.
Rob and Scott waiting for same ride, I think the anticipation was probably the worst part!!

Here we are at the John Johnson farm.
Poor Jackson always getting picked on by Rob, well and Scott to although not as bad.

I just loved the look on his face, cracks me up!! I'm sure Rob just took his last french fry and Jack can't believe his uncle would do that to this sweet little guy!!
Playing with Robs new hat.
So rob couldn't believe I hadn't taken a picture of him yet after only being at the game about 20 minutes, so here's the lovely one for ya Rob!!

We had to stop by the Redskins stadium while in D.C. Rob's a huge fan. I figured because he NEVER updates his blog that I'd include these in for him.

At the beach.

Jackson talking on the phone (rock), silly boy!
Smooching Scotty
Scott's such a great listener.

Jack was a perfect angle on the trip to D.C. I love his hair pushed up on both sides from sleeping in the car seat.
Even when Rob and Scott slept Jack just sat back there smiling and being so quiet. P.S. we didn't have our video player (we're missing some parts) and he was still great the whole time!
D.C. was awesome but I didn't think I could walk another step so Jack gladly gave up his seat and started pushing me. Thanks bud!
Love Jacks face!
Yeah finally done! This is Jack and myself's first time on a metro. It was pretty cool! Alright now I'll try to catch up on the rest, well maybe tomorrow.
Oh and sorry to do this but Bonnie if you read this please add me to your list of people to view your blog, its driving me nuts not being able to see it or contact you! Leave me your e-mail address and I'll get you mine, Thanks!!