Saturday, March 27, 2010


We've been working on prayers with Jack. He likes to say them but usually its a quick " thank you for everybody and everything and please bless everybody and everything" you get the picture right? So we've been asking him to try to think of things he is thankful for and name them in specific. The other night he was saying his prayers before bed and this was it...
"Dear Heavenly Father thank you for mom, Max and me. I'm thankful for our house and all the stuff in our house, but if we didn't have a house we wouldn't have anything to be thankful for. Thank you for the bushes to hide in. Thank you for mom, Max, me and dad. In the name of Jesus Christ amen."
It was hard not to laugh right in the middle and I came right down to tell Pete. He's really been getting creative in what he is thankful for. He use to just say please bless everything so we've worked on saying thank you for and now he never asks for blessing. Anyway I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to record it before I forget.
As far as Max goes he's doing great and super close to walking. He is so happy and unless he is tired or hungry he pretty much just does his own thing and is really happy. He can climb up the stairs and go down them by himself and is usually laughing the whole time. He gets into everything and somehow it doesn't bother me... for now anyway. He is still my little ray of Sunshine here in cloudy Cleveland.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Max turns 1

I can't believe Max is one! Where did a year go? Although it is so fun to see him growing and his personality come out I sure miss the sweet tiny baby stage! One good thing is he is now a snuggler where as when he was a baby he didn't like to snuggle at all. Max turned 1 on the 26th of February and boy was that a crazy day in my life. So much pain and then the most amount of Joy I think I have ever had. Having a baby is AMAZING!! So we just hung out here and had a little party with just us for Max. He liked the paper after Jack opened all the gifts. In fact Jack was way more excited about the gifts then Max, he just liked the shinny Christmas wrapping paper! Thanks moms and dads, grandma and pa's, and aunts and uncles for the gifts! He got a glowworm, tub toys and carrier for them, a shopping cart cover (yea) a new outfit, some money, cute shoes, thats all I can think of right now. After presents we did the cake. So I wasn't planning on having a cake for him first because it would be his first time with sugar (only nice thing about being far from my dad :)!) and second because he's not really into textures and I figured he wouldn't like it anyway. Well I ended up making some cupcakes to try out a recipe that I have to make for the Relief Society dinner this week and decided he could have one just for pictures sake. I was surprised to see he loved it! Bummer!
Jack blew out the candle but Max really wanted to touch it :) Oh and yes Jack got a haircut, I promise I didn't cut it crooked, he's just got this messed up cowlick that I haven't figured out yet, so we'll keep working on that. Probably buzz it next time!

Jack helping however I must have got the picture on my phone of him actually picking it up and shoving it into his face. So cute but I was having a heart attack wanting to take it away from him!

I think he liked the sprinkles but they were probably to hard for him to eat.
So he didn't eat all the cupcake, in fact I took it and ate most of it just so he couldn't, but he did really like what he was able to get his mouth on!
A few things I want to write just so I don't forget. He got is first two teeth on the 27th of January, his bottom two both at the same time while grandma was here. He is standing by himself with good balance but no steps by himself yet. He follows us all over the house and can now climb up the stairs and does a pretty good job coming down them. He LOVES Pete!! If Pete is in the house Max is either in his arms or at his feet whining for him to pick him up. He got his first cold on the 25th (night before his birthday) Yea for making it almost a year super healthy. I guess me being a germ freak payed off... right? Oh man is he sweet and has the sweetest voice. He loves to clap and can sign please, more, and milk. We are working on thank you and please is really still in the process. If we do more signs he'll have learned more then Jack :) He loves to bounce in his bouncer and gets pretty crazy doing it. He loves dancing (bouncing to the music) and has the biggest smiles ever! He has some pretty grouchy faces too. I got my first kiss just yesterday, he's not fond of kissing anything but stuffed animals and they get it all. He clicks his tongue, has a love/hate relationship with his bath, has the softest skin I have ever felt, is a great sleeper and great eater and seriously has the yummiest floppy ears ever. Oh and I LOVE his red hair!! He is such a joy and I call him "my little ray of sunshine" (in case you didn't know we don't see the sun often in Cleveland) because he really brightens my day everyday! I LOVE you Max!!
I was putting Max to bed one morning after the boys had just had a bath and I told Jack to get dressed and then quietly go downstairs and watch TV while I got Max to sleep. I came down to him dressed like this and started laughing. He said he couldn't reach is shirts hanging up and was kinda cold (maybe some pants would have helped) and hoped he could wear it all day. I said sure and he really did wear it most of the day.

We decided to go to an indoor water park for Pete's spring break. We loved it and really needed a break from the house just to enjoy doing something fun. The boys loved it and so did we, however we were so tired that Pete and I fell asleep at 9 that night and were almost to pooped to keep going the next day. Jack had so much energy and could have lasted probably 2 more days. Jack is pretty much fearless and LOVES the water!
Max got stuck in between the bed and night stand, he wasn't very happy about it and even more mad when I grabbed the camera instead of rescuing him. He was heading for the alarm clock.

He's got some long hair so we decided to have some fun with a mow-hawk (for you uncle Rob)!
Max also LOVED the water however he was as exhausted as Pete and I were when we were all done.

Max has the best chubby belly ever! I couldn't really get a good picture of it but believe me he's got a good one.

Jackson and his friend Jack were dressing up. Love their serious faces, they were trying to be so tough :)

Max got his first haircut the first part of February and needs another one now. He didn't like it so much but the mullet had to go.

This is the before...
and the after, not to bad right?