Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Running out of titles, so...

He had is 8 week check up and is doing great!! He weighs in at a whopping 11 lbs 10oz. and is 22 1/4 inches long!

Finally caught a smile.  He is so smiley lately.  He is the happiest, sweetest baby ever!!

I got out his bumbo chair and tried it.  He did good but I think his head needs to be a little stronger.  Jack decided to help hold it up (I love his ears poking out!)
I think this above pictures looks a lot like his cousin Isaac, cute boys!!
Love his piggy's hanging out.

Max is not so snugly, I have to enjoy snuggling him when he is asleep because when he's awake his head is up looking around at everything.  He reminds me of Hallie!
A friend gave me this shirt and its almost to small so we've been wearing it as much as possible because its so cute and Jack loves it (being a pirate lover and all!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My boys

Today is a good day, the boys were good.  Well Max is always good but Jack was also pretty good.  Lost is on tonight, although is just a recap and I filled up the car's gas tank for $.19 a gallon!!!  If I had filled up yesterday it only would have cost me $.06 a gallon but gas went up today.  I'm still smiling about 19 cents!!:)
Getting started on tricks, Pete isn't holing his back.  Max is getting stronger but can only hold himself up like that for a few seconds.
The boys hanging out watching a movie.

This is a 7 week picture.

The other morning Jack woke us up at about 6:45 am to tell us he was ready for school.  This is what he looked like.  He was quite disappointed when he didn't get to go but daddy did.  Such a silly boy!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!

Our little sweetie! He is seriously the BEST baby ever.  I thought he looked so handsome today.  Mom I need to take some photo shoots, but really our camera sucks! This one below cracks me up, I caught his crossed eyes just perfect.  I'm really hoping he gets his cross eyed thing figured out.  The doctor says they should straighten out by four months and if they don't by then I guess we start worrying.  He isn't crossed all the time but when he's looking at something and is trying to focus, sometimes he goes cross eyed.  I just think it so funny and pretty cute as long as it stops by four months :)!!
Jack being a goof as usual but looking cute in his Easter clothes.

Cute bubba's not looking so happy.
I just love these boys and don't know what I'd do without them, well besides getting some precious sleep.  But who needs sleep right?
Jacks Easter egg hunt.  The Easter bunny came and led him on a hunt to a surprise of little games and fun outside toys.  Next year we will be focusing more on Christ and the resurrection on Sunday and having the Easter bunny part Saturday.  However it was a great Easter and SO nice to be at church!

Friday, April 10, 2009

There was a small Easter egg hunt at the church today and Jack has been so excited about it all week.  This morning when I told him today was the day he grabbed his goggles and said " I need these to help me see the eggs"  I thought it was pretty funny so we put them in his (Halloween) basket for the hunt.  When it was time he asked for his goggles and was ready to hunt!  Silly boy!

Sweet little Max at six weeks.  He keeps chubin out, although not as much as Indiya :)
AND... yep I chopped my hair!  A few days ago I just decided I was ready for a change and super sick of my hair.  It was hard to do and unless I spent some time on it, it looked awful.  I decided to just chop it and try it straight.  Hopefully I can do it cause its pretty short and might not look great curly.  Surprise mom! Oh and I love it so far.  Just had it done last night. Anyway all is going good here and Max is the sweetest ever!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random pictures from the last few weeks

Three sweet boys, Max is 5 weeks old!!

Sun bathing!
Max's first foot zone, he loved it.
The boys with matching jammies!
Cross-eyed bubba.

Jack loves racquetball and loves to play with Pete and I any chance he gets!

Max at 5 weeks.  I want to take a picture of him at each week mark to see how much he has changed every week. The family pictures are of him at four weeks.  He's losing his hair and its looking pretty white trash, but what little hair Jack had did the same thing and at about six weeks it started growing back.  So hopefully Max's will start growing back in soon 'cause its pretty cute when he did have some!
Jack wanting to sleep in his sleeping bag.  We told him he could put it on the bed but he insisted on sleeping on the floor all night long.  
Gammie and Max, when he had all that red hair!
Great grandma with Max, he's between two and three weeks here, oh so sweet!!