Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More catch up!

I'm thinking this was Jack's first day of school this year. Not sure why his nose looks like its running. The rest of these are the few things I managed to take pictures of this summer. Pretty lame of me but I was just too sick to catch all the fun we had!
Tall ships came to Cleveland. These were some beautiful ships. Jack loved them because they were "real" pirate ships.

For the 4th of July we had a breakfast and little parade with the ward. Sorry Jack's bike is so blurry (have I mentioned my camera sucks!!) He's got a napkin on his head for some reason? :)
Jack took swimming lessons this year and did really well! I think I only took my camera once so here's just a few.

These are the rest of Jack's soccer pictures. He LOVED it and Max wanted the ball the whole time. He LOVES balls, its so fun especially now because he says ball and usually adds basket, or bouncy or bouncy basket to the word ball. Its so funny to hear!

Gotta love the sweaty head!

Team picture, most are from our ward but a few weren't. Alison in our ward was Jacks coach. It was so much fun!

Max would always eat with his hands full, then need a drink so try to pick it all up. Thought this was so funny, he doesn't do that anymore :( Its crazy how fast they change!
Jack's last day of school in June. This is one of his teachers Mrs. Blados (she had a baby so she's not his teacher this year).
This is Mrs. Futchi, and she is still his teacher this year. Jack LOVES school and I'm so glad he likes it and wants to go everyday.

Huh, well I guess this is some catch up!

Our sweet friends moved to Columbus so we headed down to go to the temple and let the kids play with the Rynearsons. Maddie and Bella are Jacks age and he ADORES them! They also have a little boy Nathan who is about a month younger then Max. Jack has so much fun playing with them that the next night he was saying his prayers and said, " Bless Maddie and Bella to be good so we can play in heaven together, because I love them so much even more then mom and dad." Then looked at Pete like oops. He asked Pete if that made him sad and Pete said yes but Jack said sorry I just really love them! So cute.
Our little Max is so funny and so much fun. He's always been my little ray of sunshine. This blue shirt was my baby brother Craig's shirt (who Jack is named after) Max is just a little older then Craig was when he died so its special to see him in this shirt. I love it but am so scared he's going to get it dirty and ruin it.
Max has started to LOVE books and will just sit down and look at one for quite a while. We found him after a bath one night sitting on this stool looking at a book. He also loves to look at the camera, smile and say cheese.
Max's first Indians game. He liked it but really liked that we had licorice for him to eat. There were fireworks after the game. They are awesome, better then the 4th of July. Both Max and Jack loved those.

Jack was more interested in sitting with friends and eating snacks. Sad to think this was probably our last Indians game. Its sad to think that this is the year of lasts for us in Ohio. We love it here and LOVE the beauty, however I'm pretty sure Florida will be just as much fun if not more! So for those of you who don't know we are heading to Florida this next summer for two more years of school, then into the real world of paying off a bum load of loans.