Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pictures from our LONG holiday!

We had so much fun while in Idaho visiting family!! Jack and I were there for about seven weeks and Pete was there for two of those weeks. He was studying hard for his boards exam which he did awesome on and we are so relieved to have that over with. Here are a few pictures from our trip. I didn't take many pictures with my camera because my mom always had hers out and hers takes better pictures. So when I get those pictures off some disc's I'll get some of those up also.

Rob and Jack enjoying the 4-wheeler. It was really nice weather until about the middle of December.

Hallie has all kinds of fun dress up stuff and Jack LOVED it. He would come out in Lisa and I's old dance costumes and was cracking us up! Hallie sharing her dance too toos.

Christmas morning!

Grandma Strupp got Jack addicted to tic-tac's, so being the cheap parents we are with no money we splurged and bought him some tic-tac's of his very own.

Hallie was begging for make-up and of course Santa brought her lots of it. Jack and Ky also LOVED it!!

These will be great blackmail pictures someday!!

For new years we went up to Tiffany's family's cabin which was a lot of fun!! So with the Strupps we celebrated the night before, and we also went bowling. It was fun and the kids had fun for a while but I did get a shot of these two being grouchy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey Mom, can you see what wrong with this picture?

After having this calendar (isn't it cute, mom you do amazing things and I LOVE it) a year I was looking at it the other night and noticed something.  Pete and I got a kick out of it seeing that my mom and I have the same spelling issues.  Don't worry mom I still love it and hope you'll keep making me cute things cause I really do appreciate them! Love ya

Potty Training, Yay!

Potty training day one, GREAT and  no accidents!

Potty training day two, not so good.  Three accidents, however no poop mishaps!

Potty training day three, better than day two, only one accident.  

Yay for Jack, he is doing really good and I just hope he can grasp on to what he's trying to do... soon! He does best not wearing anything, but really wants to wear his underware.  So its kind of a bribe to have him learn so that he gets to wear his underware.  Hopefully this will get better (not to bad so far) and he'll really learn and understand the diapers are going away.  Our camera is having some problems so between that and Jack not holding still this was the best picture we got on the first day (monday).