Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random from 2 months!

Okay so I've been awful at blogging for quite some time. I blame it mostly on not having a computer very often to get it done and also just being lazy when I do have time. So sorry but I'll get to it. We are also going private and so for those of you out there who want to still view my (hardly never updated) blog leave my your e-mail address and I'll get around to getting my blog private. The comments are sent to my e-mail so I won't show anyone your info.
Well it seems like we have just been really busy with everyday normal stuff. Jack stared pre-school and loves it, Max is growing and man oh man do I ever adore him! I will just put some of my favorites up and try not to make this a "you've missed two months" blog entry. However good luck to me with that! Rob came to visit but was way to short of a visit! He bought a 4 runner out here, so we picked it up and they he flew out here to pick it up and drive home. I'd hoped sometime out here that Pete would get to go to an Ohio State football game. I didn't really want to go because I don't care so much and the tickets were pretty expensive so I asked my RICH brother if he would want to go with him. We surprised Pete the night before with the tickets and a sweatshirt and hat. He was so excited and had a great time. Ohio even won Wisconsin ( however I can't remember the final score now) Go Buckeyes!! We visited the Amish community out here and had fun taking all the pictures of the Amish. What wired tourist we are!! Saw some beautiful trees changing color, which now are all almost done changing and falling off! I love the fall out here, it is beautiful!! So we had some fun couple of days and off he took back to Utah with his nice car, he didn't want to trade and just take our ( wonder why?) Oh and friend made the cute bear beanie for Max, isn't it so cute?!! Love my crazy boys. Excuse Jacks goofy faces in these pictures, he must take after his uncle Rob!! :)