Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jackson's Turkey Hat

Jackson made this hat last week in nursery.  He loved it and I thought he looked so cute in it. Sorry there are two of the same pictures, I cant delete the one.  I'm trying to get used to mom's computer.  We had a fun thanksgiving first going out to G&G Thornton's for dinner and then to the Mecham's for desert and leftovers.  We missed you Pete so much and will hopefully never have to be apart for a holiday again!  
I'm thankful for Pete, Jackson, and the opportunity to be in Cleveland going to school. I'm thankful for such great family and friends.  I'm greatful for the gospel and my testimony.  Jackson is thankful for Jesus and Heavenly Father, mom and dad, grandma's and grandpa's, snacks and toys.  

Love you Pete, keep studying hard! We love you and miss you most!!

Dad's 50th birthday party

Sorry Pete, I switched these pictures up.  The bottom is of Dad coming down the stairs for his surprise 50th birthday party.  I think he was pretty surprised!  The top is of Camille bringing his cake.  They got a sparkler candle, it was just like a real sparkler on the 4th of July.  The kids liked it. They were all trying to blow it and the others out.  It was a fun night getting to know dad better.  Camille did a good job on organizing the party and Tiff put together the cutest book ever for him with all the memories we wrote for him.  We had a good dinner and a fun night with everyone there.  Charlie and Marilyn were there as well.  We wish you could have been there too! Miss you, Love you, see you soon!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay one day I will re-figure out how to get these pictures in order, or a better order anyway.  Halloween was so fun this year.  Jackson was a dragon.  He loved his costume.  Pete taught him that dragons blow fire so he would blow fire and throw fire balls at anyone if asked to.  It was pretty cute.  Here he is with Jack Heaton's lion head on.  
We're thinking this is what our girl (if we get one someday) might look like if she inherits my hair. :)
Jack with my pig nose on. 
Alright here are the pictures of his costume, this one he is throwing fire balls.  
Scary teeth :)

A cute mask he and dad made at a halloween carnival we went to, what a cutie!
Trick-or-treating. We only went to a few houses but he LOVED it.  We also went to our wards trunk-or-treat.  So mom and dad have plenty of candy!

Pete and I are pretty lame when it comes to dressing up!!!  We were pigs in a blanket, ha ha yeah pretty lame!
Matt and Taylor Hall.
Adam and Hollie Hurst (Napolean and Kip).
Jacob, Kat and Lily Gowans.  
Justin, Stacey and Jack Heaton.  

Yummy Apple Pies!

Pete and I wanted an apple pie so I called my mom and got this receipe.  Below is before it went in the oven and on top is after it came out.  Thanks mom for the FANTASTIC receipe, lets just say "YUMMY!!!"