Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wow, lots to catch up on!!

Well we had so much fun in Idaho this summer, and took a lot of great pictures! The problem is I didn't take any with my camera but my mom and Lisa did so we have lots with my family and not any with Pete's. Dad Mecham will just have to update his blog! :)

Love this one of Hallie!
Okay LOVE this one of Ky's face!! We had a few of these, he really was trying to squeeze gramie's face off!

Sweet kids!

My dad's birthday was the 26th of July. We celebrated and Hallie made my dad a cute card she was SO excited to give him and so proud of herself!!

Rob with the babies.

All of us at Craig's grave. His birthday was same as my dad's. He'd be 21 and probably just getting back from his mission. Wow I can't believe it!
More photo shoots. I think the ones that turned out best are the ones at the first when they weren't all dressed up and posing.

So sweet!

We took the kids swimming one night. Max and Indiya loved it.
Jack and Hallie took swimming lessons so this is us hanging out watching them. Ky was sad not to be in lessons but he made out with some pretty good treats anyway.

My poor little white child, who do you think he gets that from? :)

Another photo shoot. I couldn't see the pictures I was picking very good so I of course picked some bad ones and cant figure out how to get them off.

A visit with Grandma and Grandpa Strupp. I'll have to find some with my Grandma and Grandpa Thornton and also with Grandpa Hayes (who Max is named after).

The kids loved Grandpa's back yard and garden. He sure has a beautiful yard!!

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