Monday, April 5, 2010


Jack got lucky this year and had three Easter egg hunts! This was just on Saturday at the church. He is in the very front in the blue shirt. I'm telling ya he's got some brains! He ran around the church to where no one was and got all the eggs there, while most just ran to the grass and started fighting for it. No one told him to do it! :)

Just some fun ones of Max. Jack was too busy running all over the place playing to really take any of him.
This is Nathan, he is a month younger then Max and twice his size! They are the red head twins! However I wish Max would have gotten the cute curl that Nathan did, he should have since my hair is so curly right?!

Max just got the ball taken away from him and he's not so happy :)

Now these next ones are out of order but we have some friends that live a few houses down from us and invited us to go to her parents house for an Easter egg hunt and BBQ. The parents live in Hinckly Ohio and is it so so so beautiful. I can only imagine what it looks like for the three PRETTY seasons here. They live on like 7 acres and the family next to them even has a pond. What fun it would be to grow up here or even have a grandma and pa to visit! I think we are going to adopt the grandparents so we can have some fun this summer!
Max was so great! He only had one short nap and played happily all day way past his bedtime. When we left it was dark and Max was out even before we got out of the driveway.
They colored Easter Eggs
Played in the pond, (well not in the pond)
and fed the fish.
Beautiful huh?! And the trees are still ugly from winter. When we go back I'll take some pictures of what this place can really look like!
This is Phil, Jessica's dad and host of the EE hunt. He was the Easter bunny (probably makes a good Santa too!) The sun was right in their eyes, Jack was trying so hard to keep his open!

Max even got one egg. He shook it and shook it and shook it. Nice when he's so content! Jack made a haul there! He filled up his basket and another bag full.
This is us and our friends John and Jessica. They have a four year old Anna, who Jack just loves, and an almost two year old Christopher. Super great family, we love to get together with them!!
Jacks first Easter egg hunt. He also made the haul here! It was just at a park the Pete took the boys too while I was home zoning. This got Jack really excited for all the Easter festivities!

It really has warmed up here in the last three weeks. This weekend it was in the 80's but a couple weeks ago when they went to this one it was probably in he high 40's. I'm so happy we have had nice weather and sun! It helps me enjoy Cleveland a little more!
When I had Max there were five girls that all had their babies with in a month of each other. Our great friends Scott and Katie had us all get together one night to celebrate these babies turning one. Theirs (Nathan) is the youngest and the biggest. Max is the oldest then our friend Meghan had Tyke (they moved away:( he was born on Max's original due date) then came Carlyn (the only girl), Jake was next (his parents are Kat and Jacob) and then Nathan. So the four of us got together (missed you guys Meghan) and celebrated. So fun, aren't these cupcakes so cute!!
Jake, Max, Nathan, and Carlyn.
Oh they are so cute!!