Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Siesta Key Beach

We headed to one of the worlds best beaches, Siesta Key beach in Sarasota Florida. It was only about three hours away and so worth it! We got there Friday night about the time the sun was setting. It was so beautiful! We went to St Armands beach Friday night and there were tons of shells. Jack and Max were having so much fun gathering all they could.
Mom I think you'd like all the birds! :)

Jack's collection.
Saturday morning we headed to Siesta Key. Not as many shells and the sand was seriously like powdered sugar. The sand was cold and never got hot. This is how we saw Janie most the day, just her hat, because her head was down eating the sand! Little stinker, it was so hard to stop her.

He first mouthful. I haven't gotten any sandy diapers yet so maybe she got a lot less then we thought.

Another mouthful :(

Jack found a hermit crab and played with it most the day. He put it in a bucket after a while and caught little fish for the crab to eat ;) He drew the quite the crowd all day long with that crab.
I love the way Janie is just relaxed leaning on Pete. She is becoming quite the daddy's girl!
Here's the crab.
I love the beach. It never gets old and the kids just entertain themselves all day long!
We buried Max, which he loved until Janie started pulling his hair.
We left and got cleaned up and headed to get something to eat and then back to the beach for the sunset. The kids were so tired and getting grouchy but we wanted to see the sun set one more time, its so beautiful!! So we played while we waited.

Max was so tired but we gave him the licorice bag and that seemed to help. I love that he is sitting on the squishy football for a seat.

We wrote our names :)

Lots of birds, mom you'll love it!
I wish I could catch the real beauty in the camera, it was so amazing!


Janie LOVES her green drink!
Swinging at the park. We sure miss all the amazing parks in Cleveland!
Jack is going to take after his dad :)
So lately Janie has been giving me gruff about her bows! This is what she brought me the other day, flower in her mouth and band around her neck. I keep pushing it but it seem like she's without her bows more then with :(
We though it was funny that Jack brought this book home from the school library :)