Friday, April 25, 2008

Thanks grammie for my new toys!!

Grandma Strupp bought jack some new toys while she was out here visiting. He just loves this lawn mower and has had a hard time sharing with friends when they come over. As you can see it blows bubbles as he pushes it and it makes a motor sound! Jack says "thanks gamma!"
She also got him the fun sand box he love to play in! We are going to have so much fun outside this summer! thanks mom!

Here's one for you Hallie!

Hallie this one is just for you! We love you and miss you tons! Be a good girl for mom! love you , love jack and bb!

Happy Birthday Rylee May!

Sorry Rylee he wasn't really cooperating, but he wanted to tell you happy birthday and we wish we could have been there! Love you

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visiting the John Johnson Farm

My mom and I were able to go visit the John Johnson farm while she was here. Jack fell asleep(lucky us!) and one of the senior missionaries said she would sit outside with him so we could enjoy the tour. It was amazing! I cant believe the spirit I felt there, it was so strong. This is the kitchen where sister Johnson baked 15-18 loaves of bread a day!! Can you believe it? The moldings were really like this with all the designs (Ithought it was pretty cool.)
The room to the right was the birthing room. I'm pretty sure they said the Johnson's had 15 children (probably not all in this house), and if anyone was visiting and would have a child, this is were it would happen.
This floor is the original one, and is where Joseph Smith was taken by an angry mob one night and then was tard and feathered. They believe when he was taken the baby fell on the floor and died that night. Joseph was sleeping on the lower bed with the sick baby.
This room the Johnsons turned into a study place for Joseph. Sixteen revelations were given here including section 76 of the doctrine and covenants. The color in the house shows the Johnsons were quite wealthy.
This front door is also original and is where Joseph would stand and preach on sundays with the people standing arould listening. The Johnsons also welcomed missionaries and other people coming to see the prophet into their home. What an amazing family. They sold their home and property to help pay for land that the Kirtland temple would be built on. I cant wait to go back and even learn more. My testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration has really grown while visiting the church sites here close to Cleveland!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where's Gamma Stupp?

All day today over and over Jack has been asking "where's my gamma stupp?" He wanted to make a video for you mom. We love you and miss you so much and cant wait to see you next time, hopefully soon!! :) Thanks for all you've done for us and the fun we had together!! We love you!!

We've been SPOILED!!!

We've had so much fun playing with "gamma stupp" these last two weeks, that I haven't blogged any. Which now means I've got a lot of catching up to do!! I cant believe all the beautiful trees there are here! We dont have any like these in Idaho, or at least I never noticed them. Spring is becoming more of a favorite season for me!!
Playing at the childrens museum. Jack loved having gramdma to play with and I think gramdma enjoyed it too!

These are just some of the favorite pictures we took these last two weeks.

Aw, how sweet!

Playing with grammie in the new sand box, and loving it!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Yep, the binkie is back

Okay so I know we've probably done it all wrong, but here's the story. For the few weeks he was without it, he didn't sleep well and was getting up really early, having a hard time taking naps, which drove me crazy!! So after he was off his binkie, not even asking for it anymore, Pete decided to give it back. He told Jack that he found one we must have missed sending to Kyden. Jackson was acutally not that interested in it (mind you I didn't want to give it back, but I told Pete if he really wanted to, to do it). Jack even said we should send it to Kyden. I told him he could use it for a couple days until we send it. Now he loves it again. He only gets it in bed (except in this picture). Pete, when you do decide to take it away again, you're doing all the work, cause it may not be as easy as the first time! =)

Beautiful Finished Projects!

Aren't they beautiful! I'm so proud of Pete! Now that I know he is capable of doing things like this I'll be putting him to work more often =)

Jackson is sure enjoying them! He climbs and jumps and pulls on the blinds (with the entry table). I guess he'd figure out how to no matter what, right?

Having fun at the park!

I was helping Jack do a flip over the bar, to then go down the slide. It was kind of hard and I almost droped him, thank goodness I didn't! Sorry there might be alot of pictures of us enjoying the beautiful weather we are having, just hope it keeps up!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who knew Pete was so handy?

Pete's spring break project! He's wanted to build a coffee table and thought I'd add to the work and have him make an entry way table to go under our window. Hopefully tomorrow or saturday we'll have the finished products! Way to go pete they are beautiful and I love them!!
Thanks to Travis for letting us borrow all the tools he needed.
Jackson's wanting in on all the action. He loves to help/ be in the way!
Oh yeah and these are the first wood projects he's built by himself (no help from Derrick or the shop!) Way to go babe, I'm so proud!

I never knew that!

Jack has just read that Lehi's family lived in tents for many years. Lucky!!

Aw, he'll be such a good big brother!

"Here baby Jack, lets wipe that cracker off your face"
Were not making an announcment or anything, but wont he be great with a sibling? This is baby Jack, Jackson loves him and always wants to see him. Jackson had to copy everything baby Jack did, I always thought it was the other way around.

Spring has sprung (I hope!)

Isn't it beautiful!! Our first flower coming up. Snow stay away!
Jack was so excited to go on a bike ride. These last couple of days have been beautiful and so we've spent lots of time outside!
"Mom I cant see."
Trying to give a thumbs up, someday he'll figure it out!
This was right after he woke up. I think he's sick of me taking pictures all the time, but hey I've got to have something to blog about, right!
So happy dad got the swing out! This is one of the few pictures you'll see of the sun shining in Ohio :(

Sorry I thought I rotated these. Pete trying to have fun, and of course Jack wants to try everything dad does!

More Children's Museum

If you notice in all of Jacks pictures he is either winking with a smile or both eyes open and mouth wide open. For some reason he started with the winking smile, but lately we are trying to get him to smile with both eyes open so he pulls this funny face trying! What a ham!!

" Oh no, she's not watching where she's going, we're going to crash!!"
Just thought this was a cute picture,whats up with this face?

This made my day!!

So yesterday I went to get my mail, and found a package sent to me from my wonderful zoning friends, this was whats inside. A night light with flip flops on it =), oil (smells so good!), a key chain (so cute), bubbles (thanks Christa, Jack and I needed something fun to do now that spring is here!) Some super sweet cards, chap stick (homemade by my soap maker (Julie I'm hooked already and will be needing more of those!)) Raw mint chocolate chip cookies, yummy!! I need that recipe! And yes those are money flowers!! Oh, how sweet!! You made my day girls! Thanks so much, you are all the best!!

Cut my hair!

Jacks hair has been screaming at me to cut it! I'm a procrastinator when it comes to his haircuts because he's not always the easiest to get to hold stil. This time he did great and isn't he so handsome?!! Top one is before, bottom is after.