Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Amish

Last weekend we went to an Amish community in Millersberg OH. It was so much fun and I know my parents and Pete's would just LOVE it. We were talking the whole way there about how beautiful the country was with rolling hills and little buggy's and all the Amish farms and how Pete's dad would be making us drive really slow so he could get pictures of all the farms and silo!! :) They have this zoo type thing where you can ride on a wagon and this Amish guy takes you through this little tour of a safari/zoo. It was so fun and Jack loved it. Then there was a petting zoo and Jack couldn't get enough. We will be going back for sure! They have a website called rollingriverranch. com Anyways if you're out this way you must check it out, so much fun!!

These are those Texas longhorns. They were huge!! Jack was hugging one while it was eating some feed on the bottom of the wagon. Almost all the animals came up to eat, it was fun. We all had buckets of feed to let the animals eat.

This was Max almost the whole time, just snoozing on my lap, what a perfect babe!!
Jack making friends. He would keep asking her for more of her feed so he could have more then her. I think she was getting pretty annoyed, at least I was!

A Zonkie!! Guess what two animals made this?? Ha Ha funny huh! They had lots of funny animals. Half buffalo and half Angus cow.

The Lama's were my favorite. They had just gotten a hair cut but the tops of their heads were left with the hair. They were all different and we only got this one good picture. One had one eye covered and one had a big poof standing straight up. Anyway get the idea it was pretty cute.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Max's blessing and more!

We blessed Max on May 24, 2009. It was such a great day. My mom, dad and Lisa were here. It was so great to have family here and great to have my dad stand in the circle. Afterwards we went to Kirtland and took some pictures. Jack was being quite the bum and so we didn't get many pictures well many good ones anyway. I still haven't looked through them all to see if we got a good one of all of us. Jack was blessed in Pete's blessing outfit but because we blessed Max so old he wouldn't have fit into it. My mom bought him this one and it was so cute but I never tried it on him before the day. It was a 3-6 month outfit so I was sure it should work. Well we put it on him and he looked like a fat guy in a little coat!! Funny but still so cute! We just love our Max!

His floppy ears are so hard not to suck on!! I'm sure Rob will have lots of fun flipping them when he comes to visit.
Picked a bad one with my eyes closed, oh well. Look at that chubby Indiya!! Love her!

Max likes to stick out his tongue lots, what a cutie!

Pete and my dad worked on lots of projects while they were here. Jack was their supervisor.

Sweet cousins only four days apart in age. Indiya we think is taller but Max more filled out. It was sweet seeing them together. Usually holding hands or Indiya would even flip Max's ears. We will have lots of fun this summer when we go home to visit!!
Jack loving on Inny lou, however he looks like he'd been crying :(
We went to an Indians game.
Jack wouldn't cooperate to take a picture so its just us.

It was so windy walking in but when we got into our seats it was nice and warm!
Indiya and Max enjoying some tummy time.
Then Indi got tired and gave up.

What cuties!! Can't wait to get them together again soon!! Thanks mom, dad, Lisa, and Indiya for coming to see us and thanks Derrick for watching the kids so Lisa could come out. My mom did this for our mothers day present and I'm thinking it needs to become tradition at least one more year!! :) Mom thanks so much, it was really the best mothers day gift to get to see you, dad, Lisa and Indiya!! It means so much for you to come see me and now I cant wait to see all the family and the Mecham side this summer.