Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last Chance

I'm planning on making our blog private next weekend so anyone wanting to view our blog you'd better get me your e-mail address so I can get ya in! The comments go to my e-mail so I wont share your e-mail address with anyone else.
Also I'm starting an Etsy shop so make sure to check that out. I'm just getting started and don't have a computer very often, so hopefully this weekend I'll have the pictures taken and it up and running soon.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The latest

On Sunday the 25th of October Pete left for a missionary meeting and took Jack with him so I could take a nap with Max. On his way home he called and said that they had stopped by a little old lady's house to help her rack her leaves and decided to invite her to dinner. He called to make sure that was okay. I was a little upset because I wasn't really doing dinner that night and just didn't want to. He said they were on their way so I decided I'd better clean up and figure something out for dinner (and felt really bad after being rude about having someone over). I heard them come home, I was in the kitchen and then the door opened and I turned to say hi and saw my mom standing there!!! Talk about a shocker!! I was so excited and happy to see her and cant tell her enough how much I loved to have her here! She came for ten fun days that weren't expected and we had so much fun! Come surprise me anytime mom!! Well I'll take just about anyone, even little old ladies Pete decides to pick up. :) So While she was here we got some pictures taken and I loved so many of them, so thanks so much mom, I really wanted some family pictures!
I couldn't really see and didn't end up picking the best pictures... sorry mom your eyes are closed in one below and Jacks in this one.

We took her to Sulfur Springs and let Jack play in the water for a few minutes.
On the way to sulfur springs there is a Jackson field and a Jackson road so we decided we needed a picture for Jack

Max chilling in the swing waiting for pictures.

Love this one of Max's tongue!
Gotta love Max's floppy ears! I just want to suck them off! Such a handsome boy!

My Boys.
So I guess I haven't blogged about Jack starting school yet, but he did in September. He LOVES it and I really do too! He got to dress up for community helper day, and went as a fireman (along with most all kids in his class). Mrs. Futchi on the left and Mrs. Blados on right. Doesn't Jack make the cutest fireman ever?!

Finn is in Jacks class. The teachers say they act just like brothers... fight like brothers and yet choose to play with each other all day at school.

Max was seriously the cutest pumpkin ever!! Oh I can just squeeze this babe!
Jack was " Jacks Farrow" for Halloween, that's what he called himself, which cracked me up every time he said it. I didn't bother correcting him cause I loved to hear it that way.

Jacks preschool has lots of Jewish kids so they don't celebrate Halloween, but they had been learning about community helpers so they could dress up as one of those instead.