Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

Pete's parents surprised us with tickets to come home to Idaho for Christmas! It was so great to celebrate with family as we were in Cleveland the last two years.  The night we set up our tree at our home in Florida this cute little present was the first thing under. Made by Jackson of course.  He is so funny. 
Christmas eve, going to bed before Santa came.  We stayed with Pete's parents and had such a great time with them!

 Indiya loved Janie, and Janie didn't seem to mind her either. 
 Opening gifts at Lisa's house with my family.
 I don't have tons of pictures because I was pretty busy with the video camera :)

Things to remember

 Max used to line everything up.  He'd line up cars, these Christmas toys or anything that "went together" into a big line  I loved that he would do this, and am sad that he doesn't do it much anymore.  I think he's got some OCD in him :)
 He came home from preschool with these elephant ears and trunk on and I thought he was the cutest elephant ever!  He wore those ears for like a week straight every waking moment. 

 He and his friend Sam playing in the laundry basket. 
Jackson had a play at school, it was a hoe down.  How cute is he?!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Halloween 2011

 Yes I am trying to catch myself up real quick so I can get to some fun stuff we've been doing lately!  Jackson was a ninja, Janie was an Indian and Max was a dragon.  
 When we got to the ward party we saw Robby dressed as a dragon too.  Robby, and Ryan's (below as the knight) dad is in the Endo program with Pete, we sure will miss these guys!!
 Max with his favorite girl...Kolette.

 Janie was running a fever Halloween night so I stayed with her and Pete took the boys trick-or-treating with  his Endo friends.  Max was probably so hot in that costume!

Fall in Florida

 See the goat on the board in the tree?

We went to this little farm (like Patterson's... only not even half a great as Pattersons ) this fall.  Can you see the corn maze behind Jack's swing? Its so green, it was hard not to have the leaves change color and feel like a real fall in Ohio.  But we made the best of it :)