Monday, March 31, 2008

Laughing at all the funny things Jackson does!

We wanted to write down a few of the silly things Jackson does now. We are amazed at how fast he catches onto things and how much we are laughing all the time at him! He is such a happy boy, when he's well rested, which unforunatly isn't always the case:(

  • If he starts crying right away he says one of two things, either "blow my nose" or "I'm so sad first." I'm not sure where the first thing started but now its always "I'm so sad first , or I'm so happy first, or I'm so fast first, or I'm so hungry first" the list goes on and on!

  • We have some wonderful friends out here and Jackson loves them too. Our friends Adam and Hollie Hurst are really kids at heart. Well one day Adam goes "Haa Haa Haa thats so funny" in this deep voice and now Jack says it all the time. One night after he was in bed, but not asleep yet Pete and I heard him talking to himself and then came the "haa haa haa thats so funny." We were busting up laughing!

  • One day coming home from the gym we were walking to the car and some birds were chirping and I said " Do you hear that Jack, they are saying "hi jack, hi jack, hi jack."" So now he askes me all the time "You hear that?" For whatever it may be he hears, but he also believes all the birds are saying "hi jack, hi jack, hi jack!"

Okay so I might be adding to this list because I cant think of any of the other things that really crack us up, but here are just some of the things Jack likes

  • Alright I thought of a few more, Jack loves to dance and he used to shake it pretty good, but now he just loves to spin in circles. He gets pretty dizzy and most the time falls down, but right back up and doing it again!!

  • One night Jack and I were at walmart and out of now where he was leaning over to see people behind me and asking everyone "You want a eckersize?" (exersize, is what he is trying to say but it comes out funny!) I was laughing and so he was trying harder and yelling it even louder at anyone passing by!! He loves to come with me and echersize and is always asking if I want to go eckersize. We think it's pretty funny!

  • He love to read books! He has memorized alot of them

  • He always want us to sing every book to him

  • He loves to watch t.v while eating

  • He likes to help pray

  • He loves pizza, mac and cheese, peanut butter and honey/jelly sandwiches, grapes, strawberries, cheese, snacks(of course), hummas, chips, beans, corn and sometimes hamburger meat, waffles, pancakes, french toast, and CEREAL! So he's an okay eater, but not as great as I've seen.

  • He's getting pretty independant. He has to undress himself, has to get up or in whatever he's supposed to get up or in to himself. Buckle everything himself, and on and on!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Silly Little Jack Sprat!

Sorry it's kind of dark, and of course sideways. I'm not sure how to flip it so from now on i'll make sure the camera is always facing the right way!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Busy Week!

Okay so I'm not the best blogger yet, but this picture is supposed to be down a ways, oh well. Pete tired from vacuming the floor, so Jack thinks he's tired also goes down to pete to give some support!
Easter Sunday and Jack wants to wear his flipflops, he finally agreed on his usual black ones.

Jackson being silly with his helmet riding on his horse, on the couch. At least the helmet would save his head if he fell of the couch!
Jack's grandma and pa mecham sent him this shirt and money for easter.

This was last night at about ten o'clock. He has now learned to take off his clothes, maybe he's too hot? As long as he doesn't take off the diaper I'm fine!

Look our plates are the same!! Hummas, chips, flatbread, and pesto. Finally somthing we can all eat together!! Yeah!!

Okay I'll explain these. We, well Jack loves to play ring around the roses. One time while playing Pete and I were exausted (like most nights) and after "we all fall down" Pete pretended fall asleep. I told Jack he had to kiss dad on the lips to wake him up. So now every time we play we all fall down and then Jack falls asleep too (pretending to snore), then gets up and kisses both Pete and I on the lips and we play again. So if anyone ever plays with him and he falls down trying to snore then trys to kiss you, you'll understand. Right?
Jackson laughing at Pete vacuming the stairs.

Notice Jack in the bottom right playing in the little toy. He didn't want anything to do with the big bouncy thing. Later when there weren't so many kids on it he decided to try it out and liked it.

Friday Easter Egg Hunt at the church
Jack is crying here because I wont let him go out and get eggs (with candy in them) yet.
A little happier because he is by the door and can now go get some eggs.
He stopped after just getting one and tried to get out the candy, but I encouraged him on to get more.
Here he is with just a few eggs because really he would have been happy with one egg as long as it had candy in it. He doesn't get candy often so when he does he goes crazy!
My messy boy stuffing his mouth knowing at any minute mom is going to take it all away!!

So last weekend my handyman decides to fix the closet so my clothes wont have to hang on a rack in our office/scrapbook/study room. I love it and all my clothes fit and even room to walk into the closet. Sorry I'm not so great about taking before pictures, but believe me its much much better!!
Jack got to have Finn and Lucy come over to play this week. We all had so much fun (my favorite part, not any fighting!) Jack and Finn playing ring around the roses, and yes Jack tried o kiss Finn after they fell down.

Sweet Lucy playing by herself. She needed the helmet on! She was standing with both feet up trying to rock back and forth. So happy she didn't take a fall!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi Grandma and Grandpa's!

Jack was so excited about watching himself sing on the blog that he wanted to do another one saying "hi" to the grandparents!

Ba Ba Black Sheep

Jack has been in love with the ba ba black sheep book and always wants me to read and sing it. It has only been two days reading over and over and he now can sing it pretty good, if we could the food out of his mouth. You can pause the music so you can hear better.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random Pictures

Pete decided one night at dinner that Jackson needed to get rid of his binkie. He asked Jack if he would send them to his cousin Kyden because he is a baby and needed them. Jack was very excited, although he had no idea what he was in for!! So we gathered up all the binkie's we could find and put them in an envelope and he said good bye! He woke up twice that night wanting one but we just had to remind him we sent them to Kyden. Its been about a week now and he's doing better but nap time is sometimes rough. He now talks to himself to put himself to sleep and sometimes it backfires and winds him up even more! I think I miss his binkie more than him!

I'm pretty sure Jack makes the biggest mess while eating. It doesn't matter what it is he can make it messy! I thought these were pretty funny of the caked on mac and cheese.

We went bowling and Jack loved it! We'll have to go again soon!

Jack is mastering the skill of getting to whatever he wants. He goes from one stool to another to the top and gets into all kinds of trouble! I'd better start keeping a better eye on him, huh.

Jack took a bath at a friends house a while ago while getting babysat and came home in these pj's. Sarah Schuller put them on him and they make us laugh so hard. We've got to get them back but everytime we clean them he wants to wear them again, sorry Sarah! He also loves to play with my headbands and I thought these were pretty cute!
I finally got my wall figured out, well I think I did. Now we just need to get our new family picture in it. Jack was six weeks old here so we really need to update!

You know the primary song "scripture power" well we sing shower power keeps me nice and clean to that tune. Now when he wants a bath or shower he says "wanna take a shower power!" Its pretty cute we think!!

Before church one sunday looking handsom! He loves church, well the nursery part anyway and singing. He knows to be reverent but doesn't quite understant what it means. We are just happy he likes to go, now anyway.

Relaxin with dad, doesn't get to happen to often so they love to do it when they can.
Snow boots, jammys, and a bucket on the head! He takes after me in the style department :)

This is the childrens museum we like to visit. He loves it and has so much fun playing. It's usually a fight to leave!

Driving the big bus.

Jackson's Second Birthday January 16, 2008

I asked Jack what he wanted to eat on his birthday and he decided on pizza for both lunch and dinner. These pictures are at the school, we met Pete there for lunch.

Jack's friends that came for the birthday party were Jack Heaton, Lucy and Finn Schuller and Lily Gowans. The ballons were a big hit with all the kids!

Yummy chocolate cake!
His new helmet and pads from grandma and pa Mecham. He thought he needed them to ride the horse as well. They were to go along with his fourwheeler that he picked out himself birthday shopping at Toys R Us.
Finn and Jack enjoying his new fourwheeler. This is Jacks on que smile!