Sunday, September 28, 2008

An amazing opportunity!

On July 12 we were able to go to the Columbus temple and see Anthony and Patricia Jennings endowed and sealed. Pete was called to be their home teacher a few months earlier. They have a really neat story. They were converted a few years ago and then stopped coming. Our bishop was inspired to check up on them and come to find out Anthony was diagnosed with lung cancer (he's never smoked a day in his life). They stopped coming because Anthony is pretty private and didn't want everyone to know. They are now coming as regulary as possible although Anthony's condition is getting pretty bad. So they set a date to get to the temple. Pete and Justin worked hard teaching them the temple prep classes. Well they made it and it was such an amazing experience to be there for all of it! They are such a fun couple who have been through a lot and boy can they talk!! We drove them down the two and a half hours, which really kept us entertained!! One thing I loved was that Patricia got her hair braided for the temple and had fake pink hair braided into it :). Anyway they are the kind of people who you are called to teach and they end up teaching you way more about life than you could ever expect!!
The bishop and his wife behind us along with the Parker's. Jen Harvey was Patricia's escort and Pete was Anthony's.
Such a funny couple!! Both posing for the camera, always bringing laughter to everyone around!
Such beautiful people who we will never forget!

Our finished attic

Okay so you'd think I've totally forgot how to blog because none of these pictures are in order, sorry!! Over the summer Pete finished our attic, with some help from our good friend Adam. I am so impressed, and always amazed at how handy he actually is. So these first two are of the finished product, well actually there's still lots to do. The framing and doors aren't finished yet but before we sell the house it will be done :) At least it is usable as a play room, craft room, guest bedroom, ect. We are just loving having some extra space, especially cause our house is so small!
There's quite a story to the paint and all the work but I'm just to tired to go into all the details, plus no one probably cares.

After the sheet rock was up, thanks again Adam!!

Beginning to frame.

It was a pretty nasty, scary place to be and we are loving it now!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wrestling Practice

When we found out Jack was going to be a boy, Pete's parents bought Jack his first pair of wrestling shoes. I think the smallest they could find was a kid's size four. So of course they're pretty big but he'll grow into them just in time! He was begging Pete to put his wrestling shoes on, so Pete decided to get his out too an have a little practice. I was laughing pretty hard at Jack walking around in them. Pete has tried to teach him some moves and Jack is pretty good at the whole "wrestling stance". I love the face Jack will make, he gets so serious.

I'm not sure if it's to early to be teaching him this because the other day Jack kind of attacked another kid and then said he was just wrestling with them. Pete's got his work cut out trying to teach him when to and when not to wrestle!
Okay this is kind of random but Jack is getting a new baby cousin (J.C. and Haylee's) boy named Issac. We've been telling Jack about him and one afternoon after his nap I went in to get him and he had this monkey wrapped up in a blanket. I walked in and he told me to be quiet because baby Issac was sleeping. Then he asked me to rock "Issac". So ever since then he has been lugging this monkey around taking care of it. I guess he figured baby Issac needed to be with him to eat too. What a funny kid.

Fun with Luke and Camille!!

So Luke and Camille came to visit for about a week from the 12th to 18th of august. We had so much fun although we would have loved to have had them stay for a few more days. We went to an Indians game, a few museums (sort of), the church sites and the zoo. They were also able to go to Palmyra, Niagara Falls, and the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown New York. Jack loved having them here, so did Pete and I.

Jack was all over the huge ice cream cone Luke bought. Luke was nice enough to share with him.

We went into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, well the entrance anyway. It was almost time to close for the day and still cost a lot of money so we just looked at what we could see and the gift shop. Then Jack and I went outside to wait for Luke and Camille while they shopped some more. There was music playing outside and Jack was dancing it up. Camille got him on video and put it on her blog. I'm telling ya Jack's kind of a weird one!!
Standing by Micheal Jackson's glove and guitar.
Always cheesing it for the camera!
Thanks guys for coming to see us, we'd love to have you back anytime!!