Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun with Family!

Thought I'd add a few pictures however a lot more of my fun vacation with my family and all that's been happening will come soon!
Max was given this snuggly bear and he loves it.  He hangs on to it and tries to eat it.  Its pretty sweet!
Indiya and me the day they all left, what a sweetie!!
The sweet babes sleeping on our walk around the neighborhood.  

Max snuggling with grandpa.
He has taken a few long naps this is one.  As long as the binky is stuck and wont come out he does great!
Having fun on the swings.
We got to watch our friends girls, Shealee and Paige. They are so sweet and Jack gets along with them so good.  The bad news is they moved about two days later to sunny Arizona.  We will miss you Arnows!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Oh look at those chubby cheeks!! Sorry mom I'm just getting pictures up and probably the next time I update it'll be when you are here with your good camera taking cute pictures of Max and Indiya! Yeah I'm so excited for you, dad, Lisa and Indiya to come!! Thanks Derrick for letting Lisa come and watching the kids, you're the best!!  I've got some pictures of Jack wearing this outfit so I need to get them together and compare their looks.
Jack fell down today and scratched his knee.  He was quite upset and has been playing it for all its worth.  He's asking us to carry him everywhere because he cant walk.  So what do you do if you cant walk, take a nap!  Such a funny kid.
Sorry about the next photo's, I don't know how to flip them on Pete's computer.  I thought it was cute that Max is smiling and below we were playing hid and seek.  This was Max's way of hiding.  
Jack has such a sweet smile, we love it.

King of the mountain.
Max being so good at the park.
He's getting a little better in the Bumbo, but still swaying to one side what a cutie!!

This is how Max always sleeps, with both hands up! So sweet.  He is still quite the grunter and I think its so funny.  Pete and I sleep much better having moved him into the other room.  

Thought this was a funny face.  Sorry my camera takes such blurry pictures!
Max and me.  I'm still loving my hair cut and really like it curly as well.  Which is probably good because the ends are FRIED from flat ironing it!!