Sunday, September 18, 2011

Janie eats

I know this one is random but loved these pictures of Janie eating. I swear all my kids are lazy eaters... love to be as comfortable as possible. The boys love to eat laying down in front of the t.v. and I let them. I try to choose my battles and that just isn't one of them. We do always eat dinner at the table with dad, but as for lunch and sometimes breakfast they win and get to eat in the living room.

I think these are when Janie was 7 months, gotta love those rolls!
If I knew how to crop Jack out I would have. It think it so funny because you can really see how much Janie looks like Max! So cute!
Also I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Max's belly. He's got this cute as can be round belly! Pete got this one when he noticed his belly hanging over the counter. This would be some good big belly jeans from his mama!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm back!

Can't get enough of this sweet face! Look closely and you can see her two little teeth. Alright I'm going to get my bum in gear and try to keep up with my blogging. I need to get my bum in gear in other ways too. Gotta get this baby weight off... well is it still baby weight if baby is 8 months old? Either way I've got lots of bum to get in gear!! I figured I'd just start at where we are and slowly try to add the last 8 months in somewhere (wish me luck)! So here goes...

Jack started soccer and is liking it so far. These people are serious about soccer, not sure how serious Jack is since he's playing with the flag instead of listening to the coaches :)
Last weekend we headed out to lake Walburg. It looks beautiful but the water was murky and green when up close. It was fun but way to hot!! We started out on the paddle boats and by the time we made it back to the dock both Pete and I were ready to jump in that green water with the alligators! Yep that's right... ALLIGATORS! Too bad we didn't see any but we hear there are lots in their (probably staying low in the cool water). We will definitely be going back when the weather is not so stinkin hot!
Janie was hot too and ready to get out of there and get a much needed nap.
That night Pete and Jack went to the Gators game. Can't wait till I get to go... maybe next year when I feel better about leaving Janie with someone. They loved it... Go Gators!
They drove to the game on Pete's scooter. Jack was super excited to ride further then around the neighborhood and to wear Pete's helmet. Notice Max in the garage? He wasn't so happy he had to stay home with me and have a movie night... life if rough!
Alright this is where the pictures get all jumbled up. Sorry its obviously been a while since I've done this! Max started a preschool co-op with four other boys around his age. This was his first day and he was so excited to take his backpack. I had the boys today and a picture of the five of them is at the bottom of this post.
Jack started Kindergarten. He loves it. After the first week I decided he could ride the bus home and of course he loves that too. Both Janie and Max are asleep when he gets home so riding the bus saves their naps.
A picture of Jack's first day. He has to wear a uniform, polo and plain colored shorts or pants so not too bad.
We are enjoying the pool with this hot weather. We have a community pool, but we really like our friends as it has a zero entry so Janie and Max can play right by my feet.

Here's those five cute boys I was telling you about. That's all for now but I'll be back soon... I hope :)